Paradise on the European long-distance hiking trail

Hiking at the Venet leisure mountain

Unsurprisingly, the European long-distance hiking trail E5 (3,200 km from Brittany to Verona), a highlight for all hiking fans, leads across the Venet mountain. For whomever planned the route, the thrill of the legendary 360° panorama on TirolWest's most beautiful panoramic mountain would have been reward enough. But long-distance hikers aren’t the only ones who will enjoy the Venet: a range of challenging high-altitude trails, easy forest trails as well as multi-faceted family hiking trails await. Here there are hiking routes to suit every taste and requirement - boasting fantastic mountain scenery and idyllic nature.

Hiking fun for the entire family

You can, of course, start from many points, even from the valley. But to get things off to a brilliant start, however, we recommend the summit. Getting up high takes just 7 minutes thanks to the Venet cable car. Once up top, the scenery could not be more beautiful. Let your gaze wander to striking peaks such as the Arlberg Valluga or Zugspitze, as well as impressive 3000 m peaks, such as the Parseierspitze, Hoher Riffler or Wildspitze mountains.

Maybe you’re keen to try a challenging high-altitude trailover the summit towards the Imsterberg mountain or the Pitztal valley? Or perhaps you’d prefer to hike along forest paths and trails to the middle station or south down to Fliess? Or how about heading straight to the top on the panorama hiking trail, which is also easy to navigate with a pram in addition to being wheelchair accessible. You’ll be spoiled for hiking choices in our mountain world.


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E5 - European long-distance hiking trail

Start of stage: Zams at 2,212 m
The Venet mountain is certainly a highlight for all E5 hikers, simply due to the grandiose summit panorama. Not to mention of course the Venet summit hut! As a charming, modern and comfortable accommodation, it is the ideal place to rest and refuel. Checking in to the Venet summit hut takes place at the valley station of the Venet cable car, which is just one of many special features of your mountain lodgings. In addition to the variety of rooms, there are also those with infrared cabins and bathtub with window views.

In the evening, enjoy the breathtaking mountain scenery at sunset accompanied by excellent cuisine at the attached panorama restaurant. Regional delicacies are also served during an extensive breakfast before you set off south into the Pitztal valley. Bask in the morning sun after a relaxing night in your "bed with a view of 2,212 m."

Geocaching - the Venet as a treasure chest

Those already familiar with geocaching know how attractive it is and can look forward to the fun of Venet. And for newcomers to the fun, it's a great opportunity to explore the coolest geocaching spot in the Alps.

WHAT IS GEOCACHING? In short: Friendly people hide nice little things in cans in the middle of nature. Items are hidden along with a notebook (logbook) and reveal the hiding place in the form of coordinates and a description on the Internet. If you are interested in discovering these treasures, you can use a GPS device to track them down and exchange them for other things in order to give the next visitor a little surprise!

If you're in the mood for a fun scavenger hunt in the great outdoors, then head up to the Venet mountain! If you're hungry or thirsty, there's something delicious to discover in the Venet panorama restaurant, the Zammer Alm mountain inn or even the Jagerhütte mountain hut. There might even be something for free because GIFT VOUCHERS for fine refreshments and delicious food have already been found inside the geocaching cans. It’s sort of like "Food & Drink Caching" à la Venet.

Our tip: Some geocache enthusiasts at the Venet summit hut have spontaneously decided to stay the night. With such fun treasure hunts on the Venet, the motto is surely “let the hunt begin!”