A hotspot for pilots in Tirol

Venet flyovers, paragliders and hang gliders

Venet is an ideal mountain for flying, paragliding and hang gliding and has a strong reputation far beyond its borders. The unique natural scenery and the area’s optimal thermals make it a real hotspot for anyone who wants soar!

High-Alpine mountain for flying with ideal transport connections in the heart of Tirol!

The Venet Massif is known for its reliable updrafts and is a preferred starting point for cross-border flights to Switzerland or Italy. The launching-off point alone, which is located at the 2,212 m summit with panoramic views of the 3000 m peaks in the border triangle (AT/CH/I), is a joy for fans of flying. The ability to make cross-border flights of up to 250 km as well as the breathtaking Alpine scenery make launching off from this mountain so favourable. The first-class infrastructure (free transport of the aircraft, etc.) as well as many amenities of the mountain make it an incomparable place to fly. For instance, the Venet panorama restaurant or the highly attractive overnight accommodation at the Venet summit hut making resting and taking off from Venet a true delight. The landing site at 780 m is just 3 minutes on foot from the valley station!

For the truly intrepid, there's also the unique experience of an Alpine tandem flight.

Reserve your room at Venet summit hut featuring magnificent views closer to the stars and right next to the starting point of the most compelling flight you’ve ever taken!

Important flight information

  • High Alpine flying in the heart of Tirol’s mountains in the beautiful border triangle
  • Hang gliders most welcome! (full length transport on cable car)  
  • Summer & winter - all year round whenever the cable car is open
  • Take off in all 4 cardinal directions depending on the wind  
  • Ideal landing site - spacious and just 3 minutes walk (!) from the valley station
  • Top traffic connections - ideal starting point for long-haul flights
  • Grandiose mountain scenery - plus sunrise & sunset flights
  • Top thermals due to reliable updrafts in the valley basin
  • Local mountain with ideal infrastructure provided by the highly experienced locals from "venetflieger.at"
  • Tandem flights/training flights on request with experienced professionals  
  • Ideal take off area for club, training & group trips

Wind diagram and current flying weather on the Venet mountain

Tandem flights

Experience the indescribable sensation of paragliding during a tandem flight from the Krahberg mountain station (other flying areas on request) with specially trained flight instructors and special gliders. No prior experience necessary!
Ultra high-altitude flight – Altitude difference of at least 1,400 m
Thermal flight: with good updraft conditions, we’ll fly between 40 and 60 minutes. Cross-country flights on request. Flugschule Seppl Sturm; state-certified flying school for hang gliders and paragliders | Mobile: +43 664-4425411 | seppl(at)stormy.at

Hang glider transport

Pilots must bring their aircraft to the base station boarding point themselves. No parts may protrude sideways and no strings or ribbons may hang loose. The aircraft must be optimally packed so that normal passenger operations are not disturbed.