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Venet star gazing park: Experience the beauty of the starry sky

Tirol is famous for its impressive Alpine landscapes with mountains, glaciers, crystal-clear streams and lakes. Especially in winter, the region’s landscapes are broadcast around the world. In summertime, our unique natural landscapes also attract many visitors to our state as well. However, Tirol also boasts a largely unknown and extraterrestrial natural resource as well: the starry sky!

Anyone who has ever spent a night in the mountains outdoors or in a hut will certainly remember the overwhelming sight of the starry sky over Tirol. The fascinating phenomena of the cosmos can only be truly experienced in its full splendour far from the disturbing light sources of the city or settlement areas and at altitudes above the smog and haze. Surprisingly many people are increasingly interested in natural phenomena in the sky. Especially in a time of increasing complexity of the world, the search for balance and easily understandable answers to life’s big questions are central needs. The return to appreciating simple, natural phenomena and intensive contact with nature are increasingly becoming a deeply rooted human need. The day and night skyscapes offer an amazing variety for discovery and adventure possibilities. In particular, our central star (the sun) is often only perceived indirectly over a sun-drenched mountain landscape. Not to mention that the night sky is becoming increasing lost to our perception due to light pollution from our cities and valleys.


Winter highlight


26.02.2021 | 05., 12., 19. & 26.03.2021 | 02.04.2021

Enjoy the natural spectacle of the stars with a fantastic panoramic view. Registration by email or by phone on +43 5442 62663 is required.

Price per person € 39 including ascent and descent, entry and tour in our star gazing park and 10 € voucher for our Panorama restaurant

Adults Children (aged 0-15)
Stargazing with ascent and descent, entry and tour in our star gazing park and 10 € voucher for our Panorama restaurant € 39,00 € 10,00
Stargazing for our Gipfelhütte guests € 19,00 free

Observatory in the Alps

The summit of the Venet offers the unique chance to immerse yourself in the world of the sun and the night sky and to enjoy an unfettered view of the stars. The lights of Landeck are well hidden by the valley ridge of the summit plateau, so that the sky is sufficiently dark. The observatory is located at the top station of the Venet cable car, and is therefore easily accessible. In addition, the Venet summit hut is also readily accessible from the mountain station. The hut offers overnight accommodation, a panorama restaurant, and space for lectures, events and seminars. The new observatory boasts the necessary equipment for unobstructed observation of the stars and the night sky.

Another special feature is a telescope that allows a risk-free and fascinating view of our sun. By using appropriate filters, protuberances (glowing gas masses at the edge of the sun) can be experienced and even photographed - a highlight, which is thus far unique in the Alpine region. To all our guests, we say: Happy are those who look forward to the stars at sunset!

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Venet Bob – the Alpine coaster

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Venet star-gazing park – The beauty of a starry night

It’s astonishing just how many people are becoming interested in natural phenomena in the sky. The summit of the Venet mountain offers unique opportunities to become immersed in the solar system and to enjoy an unobstructed view of the cosmos.

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TobiCart mountaincart – Racing fun guaranteed

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