Experience the magic of this unique landscape

Kaunergrat Nature Park

The Venet, a mountain massif with several peaks, is part of the Kaunergrat Nature Park, which stretches over 590 km² from the Upper Inn Valley to the striking three thousand metre peaks of the Ötztal Alps. The area includes can’t miss rare, natural and cultivated landscapes. In addition to the area’s diverse fauna and flora, there are numerous natural treasures that can be discovered here. Plus, learn more about the history of this unique region along special theme & educational trails or at special events.
The centre of this tranquil and natural oasis is the nature park house at the "Gachen Blick vantage point" in Fliess, which offers fascinating insights into the Alpine habitat during the "3000m Vertical” interactive exhibition. Admission is free with the TirolWestCard!

Special features of the Kaunergrat Nature Park: a natural gem

  • The sunny Fliess ridges with around 1,100 (!) butterfly species
  • The mystical Bronze-Age ‘Brandopferplatz’ archaeological site on the Piller Sattel saddle
  • The mysterious Piller Moor natural monument - one of the most beautiful highland moors in Central Europe
  • Theme trails: Wildlife experience trail, Kauner forest and shrub nature trail, Moor nature trail, Kaunertal glacier nature trail
  • Numerous managed Alpine pastures and mountain huts
  • Varied adventure hikes with "places of power" and natural playgrounds
  • Year-round varied programme, e.g. also Christmas markets
  • Guided snowshoe hikes
  • Cross-country skiing trails and winter hiking trails